GRC+ Information Security Awareness and Training offering supports the development of a strong culture of security by building employee awareness of potential risks through continuous training.

GRC+ helps clients reduce their security risk exposure by providing comprehensive training on various topics to their employees, to minimize breaches due to phishing, hacking, ransomware and other attacks. Reducing this risk exposure saves clients millions in remediation costs as well as protects their reputation with customers.

Designing, implementing, communicating and maintaining an appropriate Security Awareness Program can be a complex project, that requires specialist knowledge and the support of experienced practitioners.

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Our team is made up of certified experts who are dedicated to serve you in all your GRC needs. The team has experience in bringing GRC services to customers in several industries and countries worldwide and will provide you with professional and accurate support.

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Our team is highly experienced in the most widely accepted models, and can also manage or help you implement customized models.

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We excel in a variety of state-of-the-art tools, spreadsheets, and pen&paper solutions.

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